Undelete by Diskeeper saves the day

Undelete by Diskeeper

I was working away and decided to delete two folders, forgetting they were essential to the running of the website. I knew the recycle bin would not have the files, but then I remembered that I had Undelete from Diskeeper installed, AND I had remembered to reinstall it when I came across it in my files thinking I will probably need that knowing me. Sure enough I did and it saved my bacon.

What the Recycle bin wouldn’t retain Undelete had them there ready and waiting. I decided to blog about it as a thank you.


13 thoughts on “Undelete by Diskeeper saves the day

  1. I experienced a similar kind of situation a couple of weeks back. I accidentally deleted two very important official files and thank GOD diskeeper saved that day. Sometimes, small things become very invaluable in situations as mine or yours.

  2. I always remember my Dad’s old office policy. This was back in the day, when backup was done to tape…. they did a daily backup, plus a weekly backup to tape that went to a separate location. These days I would recommend some sort of online backup – you don’t necessarily need to pay for cloud storage if you already have a web hosting account, many of them allow unlimited storage and you can create a private folder where you can put stuff. So long as it is not of a high security nature, I would imagine.
    Let’s say you accidentally erase part of a document before saving and backing up. Will undelete allow you to recover an older version of the file? Apple’s time machine backup will do this.

  3. Good information, thanks for sharing! I would have needed diskeeper a few weeksago when my girlfriend deleted a lot of photos on my laptop “by mistake”…

  4. Good information indeed. Thanks for this. Glad to have found this post. Will explore further the features of Undelete.

  5. Diskeeper really saved my life a few days ago…i don´t want to imagine what i would do without it. Sometimes i am so absent-minded i would die without a programm that is able to bring important files back to life 😀

  6. I’m often guilty of the same kind of mistake. I save my own bacon by being compulsive about backing up things to a portable hard drive but that does consume time. This is a really interesting post, I mean I had a look at the Diskeeper website. The undelete service is only one of many. Keeping your computer running up to optimum speeds seems to be their big sell but I definitely like bringing ” important files back to life” the most too 🙂

  7. I stumbled upon this post while searching for a solution after my wife deleted an import work related document. Thanks for the tip, Undelete really did the job! Now I have set up automatic online backup on her computer (which I already had on mine).

  8. Yeah, Diskeeper has saved my bacon too a few times, as well as a cool program that does the same for SD cards. Worth having these lifesavers installed!

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