The five no six stages of Twitter Acceptance

The five stages of Twitter Acceptance

I started with #2 then moved to #4 quickly moving to #5 and I am now on #6

1. Denial
2. Presence
3  Dumping
4. Conversing
5. Microblogging

Of which #5 is

“I’m using Twitter to publish useful information that people read AND converse 1×1 authentically”

#6 being, I’m using Twitter to publish useful information that people read AND converse 1×1 authentically AND I don’t always post useful stuff

I think #6 just shows your being honest and human, yes?

I recommend  Twitter, to me its like a cross between IM and Mail lists. Even more focused, more friendly, information rich and massively creativity inducing. Have I not made MORE blog posts these past two weeks? It’s also an enjoyable way to market (it HAS to be enjoyable for me) my ew ebooks, (very small revenue which funds my hosting and domains) but I also get to help MORE Expression Web users and I consider that my main hobby, along with my Abstract Art Doodling and reading Science Fiction.

I set out with a mission to look at social media setups and see how they could help me. I started with Twitter (hence why I missed #1) and that has led me to other Social Media setups, some of which I’ve had accounts with for years but never used. Mainly because I did not have the experience to understand them and my focus has always been FrontPage and now Expression Web helping users to use the programme and make better standards compliant websites. My goal is not to go too fast or I won’t understand what I am doing. Twitter is easy to grasp right away, what is not so easy is how to incorporate all the third party applications available. Nor the subtle ways to use Twitter. When Pat and I update  our WordPress Ebook around April we will address Social Media and perhaps either incorporate it or bring out a supplemental – also free – ebook.

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