The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog Badge

The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog asks you to show your support by linking to them

Download this Blog Badge Code code text file that contains the validating code for the badge and paste the code into your sidebar.php template. It will work for a self hosted blog or a third party blog like Blogger. This code is for a strict xhtml doctype (which most blogs are) and contains inline styles.

  • In FireFox just copy the code that appears in the browser
  • In Internet Explorer – right click and View Source

The Microsoft MVP Award Team are also active on Twitter and Twibes


6 Responses to “The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog Badge”

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  2. Mr. Spark says:

    Thanks for the Blog Badge code

  3. Illuminated Magnifying Glass says:

    Cool blog, like what I read. Will be back to read more. Adding to RSS feeder. Bob

  4. autions says:

    It’s posts like this one that keep me coming back for more.

  5. Naomi says:

    Thanks for the link to the Blog Badge code and for the detailed information.You help me a lot, so that go on in the same way.

  6. BellaKitty says:

    Great post. This is why MS will never die. Sadly for linux heads like me lol. Nah I use windows daily. Just kidding.

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