Nine must have FireFox Addons for Web Developers

FireFox addons and extensions for Web Developers

  1. ColorZilla{2.0} – Pick Colours from the page
  2. DafizillaTable2Clipboard{0.2.1} – Cleans the table of formatting
  3. FEBE{6.0.3} – Backs up FireFox Bookmarks, Addons and more
  4. HtmlValidator{} – Validates your pages with good explainations and can Tidy the code too
  5. LinkChecker{0.6.3} – Checks your links
  6. Screengrab{0.95} – Screen Print for just when your kb plays up
  7. SearchStatus{1.27} – Great for counting characters in metas plus more
  8. TotalValidator{5.3.3} – Validates your pages with extremly good explainations plus they produce a desktop version which does your whole site
  9. WebDeveloper{1.1.6} – Can’t do without this one, checks for headings, disables js, images and css at the click of a button plus more

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