Featured Expression Web Dynamic Web Template Ebook on MSDN Blogs MVP Award Program

MSDN Blogs MVP Award Program has featured my Expression Web Dynamic Web Templates Ebook 2.0

The ebook is FREE to download and use, and has been recently revamped and updated. So if you have an old one ditch it and get the new one. It seems updates are the flavour of the week, I’ve updated so many applications this week I’m getting cross eyed.

What can you find in the ebook? Well as well as all the in’s and outs of how to make, edit, delete, add and generally use DWTs. There is a section on what to do with your template before you make it a DWT with a lot of resources within the text for you to reference.

Making a template and turning it into a DWT is one thing but your work should validate before you use it and contain basic seo principles too. Once you have the methods in place it’s a simple matter to remember what to do next time.

If you need more help with DWTs please feel free to join my Microsoft Expression Web List on Yahoo

There are other Free Ebooks to be found with the above ebook too.

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