Expression Crash Tricks

When Expression Web or SharePoint Designer 2007 crashes there are a few simple things you can do to mitigate the event:

Preventive crash applications

First of all download the free applications for your versions of Expression Web or Sharepoint Designer 2007
These drastically reduces crashes.
Open the version of fpcleaner for the version of Ew or SPD07 you are using. Do not open ew from your icons/start menu etc etc,  this way you know EW is ‘clean’ to start off. Then I click both
‘Clear the Hidden “Temporary” Files’
‘Clear the Hidden Cache (*.web) Files’
Each time,  so I recommend  using these, and any time you have a crash even if ew (or sharepoint designer 2007) then goes from a ‘whiteout’ and appears stable again or reopens, close it down and open with the fpcleaner for your version.

Tips and Tricks for Expression Web crashes

Another point to note, sometimes but not always if I take away the ‘focus’ from the application by clicking on another open application or even opening one , and wait a minute. Sometimes it will steady so that I don’t lose the work I was working on. Another trick is to do Control Alt Delete – start Task Manager which opens the Windows Task Manager .. sometimes that ‘steady’s’ ew/spd07 as well but not always.
If you have a crash aversion tips let me know

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