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Diskeeper 2011 software

Diskeeper 2011

If you thought Diskeeper 2010 with Intellwrite was faster and smoother than the previous version, then you need to check out Diskeeper 2011.

With revolutionary InvisiTasking technology, Diskeeper 2011 works automatically in the background, with no negative performance impact. Automatic defragmentation improves computer performance without slowing other operations, and is recommended to maintain peak performance.

How do you obtain a Diskeeper 2011 NFR giveaway?

I have 3-5 copies of the latest version (NFR) available before it is generally available, do you want one? If so this is what you have to do.


I recently had to reinstall my OS and was working with Diskeeper 2009, I had not got around to installing the latest version at the time. However upon reinstalling the OS I had to put Diskeeper back and I put the 2010 version on and boy it was MUCH faster. Then Derek gave me the heads up about this lastest 2011 version and gave me a copy to try out. I can safely leave it running all the time now and things are running quite a bit smoother.


4 thoughts on “Diskeeper 2011 NFR Giveaway

  1. “Automatic defragmentation improves computer performance without slowing other operations”

    This sounds really good. Many of the things I have tried slowed down my computer and I avoided using certain programs when in the middle of defragging so I lost time I could be working.

  2. Diskeeper works great but a lot of their competitors are now including ‘on the fly’ disk defraggers as part of other programs. With Diskeeper selling at $39.99 for Home users I wonder how long they will be able to maintain that price point?

    AVG includes a defrag component in their products now and it seems to do the job. I will agree that Diskeeper is a better and faster product but is it that much better and faster and will the buying public feel that the difference is worth it?

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