New Free Content First Equal Height Expression Web Site Templates

With Christmas on the horizon, we have decided to gift the Expression Web community just that little bit early and help you prepare your websites all that little bit better for SEO and so increase your sales.

We now have Seven new  FREE Content First Equal Height Expression Web Site Templates available for you to download and use under Creative Commons Licence by the owners Tina Clarke and Pat Geary.

At this time we are only offering them from our FrontPage to Expression website. These Site Templates are for Intermediate and Advanced users only. Newbies might have problems coping with the restrictions caused by display issues due to how Expression Web (also FrontPage and SharePoint Designer 2007) cope with negative margins. Once you understand the restrictions the Site Templates are easy enough to work with.

Why should I bother with Content First Site Templates?

Simply SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Accessbility are good enough reasons to perservere with the restrictions Expression Web puts on working with the Site Templates.

Presenting your CONTENT first (In the code) to the search engine increases your overall seo potential. Accessbility wise it means screen readers can get straight to the content.

What layouts are the Site Templates available in?

  • One column with top navigation, header, and footer
  • Two column with right sidebar, top navigation, header, and footer
  • Two column with left sidebar, top navigation, header, and footer
  • Three column with left and right sidebar, top navigation, header, and footer

One and Two column Site Templates are available in Liquid and Fixed (1024px) layouts
Three column Site Template is only available a Fixed 1024px layout because of restrictions with coding.

The Site Templates are available for download as either a Web Package or a Zipped Web.
There are FULL instructions on How to Work with Content First Site Templates

If you use one of the templates please email us and let us know your link and your experiance with the Site Template we will feature your link on the content first site template page if you do.

If you like these Site Templates you might like to know about our other Site Templates which are also equally Free.

Our Original 12 Site Templates and our 5 Equal height Site Templates

What is the difference between an ordinary template and a Site Template in Expression Web?

Templates can be used in any application and you have install them within your web. Site Templates are downloaded DIRECTLY into Expression WEB itself so that they are right to hand when you need them, no messing about looking for where you download the latest template, simply use the menu in Expression Web for direct access along side the Expression Web own’s generic Site Templates.

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