Expression Web and CSS – Information about CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) divides one’s content from one’s formatting, enabling the webmaster to instantly change fonts, colours and backgrounds to name just a few, Style is as Styles suggests, which means CSS handles the STYLE formatting of your web page (the way it looks), and lets HTML layout the CONTENT. What could be easier?

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Expression Web SuperPreview Indepth

Expression Web SuperPreview is a brand new feature within Expression Web 3.0 Included also is Snapshot which is a sort of mini preview alongside your Design and Code Views. The Expression Web SuperPreview Tutorial along with its companion Expression Web SuperPreview Starter Kit go indepth and touch on almost every aspect of the application and the methods you can employ to find coding errors and how to fix them. With SuperPreview you not only have to understand what you are seeing but you have to understand what the problem is and then how to go about finding a fix for it.

If you don’t have FireFox as one of your testing browsers you should, not only for testing but for the excellent FireFox addons that help with web design

Download your starter kit and follow along with the tutorial for a better insight into the problems facing designers today.