Expression Web Toolbar Pinterest

Expression Web Toolbar has just been updated (9th July 2012) with new links for the following:

  • Expression Web
  • Expression Blend
  • Expression Encoder
  • Expression Design
  • Web Design

We have also added a new button for Pinterest called ‘Pin it’. Its a bookmarklet that lets you pin things you want to share and organise.

Soon we will have collections to complement the Expression Web Toolbar in Pinterest, providing another free resource for Expression Web users, we find resources so you don’t have to!

Do you have tutorial or tip, or know of a great resource that deserves to be shouted about? Then please let us know.

Can find information on something you need to know how to do? Then please ask us.

Expression Web Community Toolbar updated

Updated: 6th February, 2011 Expression Web and Web Design Links

Our Free Expression Web Community Toolbar is updated every few days. As soon as we have a respectable amount of new links gathered we post the new links to a New Links sub menu and put the previous new links in their categories.

We cover each of the Expression Web versions 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as the Expression applications.

  • Expression Design
  • Expression Blend
  • Expression Encoder

as well as Contests/Giveaways and Offers for Expression Web 3.0 and 4.0.

We let you know about Expression Web Communities, Webcasts and Live Events.

We also cover Web Design and there are other features that let you keep up todate with tweets, blogs and Facebook plus more besides.

If you want all the Expression Web links to hand and don’t want to have to be bothered to go spend hours searching for lists, forums, ebooks, add-ins and to find out about new links then the toolbar is tailor made for you. It works in Internet Explorer Safari and FireFox. Watch out for Twitter Annoucements to say it has been updated via @expressionweb or just refresh the toolbar via the drop down under the logo on the toolbar, or via a post here.

Expression Web Community Toolbar

Expression Web Community Toolbar

Announcing the latest feature from FrontPage to Expression Web founders Tina Clarke and Pat Geary, Microsoft MVPs – expression Web.

OurĀ  NEW Expression Web Community Toolbar

The title says it all, a toolbar you can install into your browser for FREE! Enabling you to find Expression Web site links, tweets and feeds not to mention toolbar gadgets like the handy calculator. We also include a varied amount of web design links for tools and help to enhance your website.

We also want to hear back from YOU! We would like suggested links for the Expression Web Links and Web Design Links features that you think are worthy to be included. If there isn’t a category already allocated, please suggest a catagory that you think would be suitable.

You can find out more at the above, why not get your Expression Web Community Toolbar today?