Regular Expression Queries for Expression Web bundles available on Microsoft Gallery

Free Regular Expression Queries for Expression Web

When it comes to cleaning your code having helpful tools to do the job directly within Expression Web saves a great deal of time. I have put together six bundles of regular Expression queries for Expression Web. These are available not only on my website Any Expression Web Designs, they are now available at the Microsoft Gallery at the following links:

You can read about how to run, share and save them with this Expression Web Queries Tutorial

Content First Equal Height Site Templates at Microsoft Gallery


Now available for download from the Microsoft Gallery.

Seven Free Content First, Equal Height Site Templates for you to use as you wish.


In order to learn more about how to work with the Content First Site Templates (Site Templates mean that the Template is available from WITHIN Expression Web itself) please read instructions on the following two links:



jQuery snippets in Expression Web v4 sp2 should be updated

jQuery snippets in Expression Web v4 sp2

Update jQuery Scripts in Snippets Panel

In the Snippets Panel which can be accessed under Panels on the menu, if you scroll down to jQuery – General you can update the outdated scripts.

Ian Haynes Microsoft MVP – Expression Web outlines the new scripts and where you can get them in his JQuery Snippets in Expression 4 can be updated post at Microsoft Expression Web Forum



Expression Web Facebook Group

We have just started a new Expression Web group on Facebook for those of you on Facebook.

Now more than ever its prudently financial to ‘do it yourself’, so the more you learn about Expression Web and web design in general for your business the better off you are.

Lately all Expression Web and design groups don’t seem to be attracting the questions they once did, however, there are still the same amount of people out there struggling to find help with the things they need to do.

Maintaining your site is more than learning how to use Expression Web, it’s about social media, SEO (search engine optimisation), accessibility and marketing plus much more.

So if you are on Facebook come join the new group, the more diverse the help you find in the subjects you are interested the better, so belonging to more than one group is the best way forward.

Come join us at

Tina and Pat




Expression Web Toolbar Pinterest

Expression Web Toolbar has just been updated (9th July 2012) with new links for the following:

  • Expression Web
  • Expression Blend
  • Expression Encoder
  • Expression Design
  • Web Design

We have also added a new button for Pinterest called ‘Pin it’. Its a bookmarklet that lets you pin things you want to share and organise.

Soon we will have collections to complement the Expression Web Toolbar in Pinterest, providing another free resource for Expression Web users, we find resources so you don’t have to!

Do you have tutorial or tip, or know of a great resource that deserves to be shouted about? Then please let us know.

Can find information on something you need to know how to do? Then please ask us.

New Free Content First Equal Height Expression Web Site Templates

With Christmas on the horizon, we have decided to gift the Expression Web community just that little bit early and help you prepare your websites all that little bit better for SEO and so increase your sales.

We now have Seven new  FREE Content First Equal Height Expression Web Site Templates available for you to download and use under Creative Commons Licence by the owners Tina Clarke and Pat Geary.

At this time we are only offering them from our FrontPage to Expression website. These Site Templates are for Intermediate and Advanced users only. Newbies might have problems coping with the restrictions caused by display issues due to how Expression Web (also FrontPage and SharePoint Designer 2007) cope with negative margins. Once you understand the restrictions the Site Templates are easy enough to work with.

Why should I bother with Content First Site Templates?

Simply SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Accessbility are good enough reasons to perservere with the restrictions Expression Web puts on working with the Site Templates.

Presenting your CONTENT first (In the code) to the search engine increases your overall seo potential. Accessbility wise it means screen readers can get straight to the content.

What layouts are the Site Templates available in?

  • One column with top navigation, header, and footer
  • Two column with right sidebar, top navigation, header, and footer
  • Two column with left sidebar, top navigation, header, and footer
  • Three column with left and right sidebar, top navigation, header, and footer

One and Two column Site Templates are available in Liquid and Fixed (1024px) layouts
Three column Site Template is only available a Fixed 1024px layout because of restrictions with coding.

The Site Templates are available for download as either a Web Package or a Zipped Web.
There are FULL instructions on How to Work with Content First Site Templates

If you use one of the templates please email us and let us know your link and your experiance with the Site Template we will feature your link on the content first site template page if you do.

If you like these Site Templates you might like to know about our other Site Templates which are also equally Free.

Our Original 12 Site Templates and our 5 Equal height Site Templates

What is the difference between an ordinary template and a Site Template in Expression Web?

Templates can be used in any application and you have install them within your web. Site Templates are downloaded DIRECTLY into Expression WEB itself so that they are right to hand when you need them, no messing about looking for where you download the latest template, simply use the menu in Expression Web for direct access along side the Expression Web own’s generic Site Templates.

Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web Ebook v 4.0.2

New Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web 4.0.2 EBook

With the advent of Service Packs 1 and 2 for Expression Web 4.0 we have now updated our Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web EBook to reflect this. Inline with the numbering of EW our version number of the eBook is now v4.02.

We have not only updated the eBook, and appended three new tutorials we have also included Three NEW DWT templates for your use.

Plus EBook owners will now have available to them SIX Regular Expression Query bundles. These normally sell for small amounts at Any Expression Web Designs


Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web Ebook Sale

With the advent of Service Packs 1 and 2 for Expression Web 4.0 this called for a major revision of our;

Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web Ebook

So in honour of this we have today launched a new sale at the lowest ever price we have sold the ebook. $20 giving you a discount of $9 on our usual standard price.

You may not know but we have always offered Free updates to ebook owners of the next version of the ebook. So if you buy the ebook NOW, whilst the sale is on, when our revision is published you will be entitled to get the new version free of charge and any further updates too.

What else do you get apart from the ebook?

There are three new templates, plus  new collection of Expression Web queries. All designed to make your life easier. There has never been a better time to upgrade from FrontPage to Expression Web so why not start now and

BUY the Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web Ebook at the sale price of $20