Regular Expression Queries for Expression Web bundles available on Microsoft Gallery

Free Regular Expression Queries for Expression Web

When it comes to cleaning your code having helpful tools to do the job directly within Expression Web saves a great deal of time. I have put together six bundles of regular Expression queries for Expression Web. These are available not only on my website Any Expression Web Designs, they are now available at the Microsoft Gallery at the following links:

You can read about how to run, share and save them with this Expression Web Queries Tutorial

Content First Equal Height Site Templates at Microsoft Gallery


Now available for download from the Microsoft Gallery.

Seven Free Content First, Equal Height Site Templates for you to use as you wish.


In order to learn more about how to work with the Content First Site Templates (Site Templates mean that the Template is available from WITHIN Expression Web itself) please read instructions on the following two links:



Undelete by Diskeeper saves the day

Undelete by Diskeeper

I was working away and decided to delete two folders, forgetting they were essential to the running of the website. I knew the recycle bin would not have the files, but then I remembered that I had Undelete from Diskeeper installed, AND I had remembered to reinstall it when I came across it in my files thinking I will probably need that knowing me. Sure enough I did and it saved my bacon.

What the Recycle bin wouldn’t retain Undelete had them there ready and waiting. I decided to blog about it as a thank you.


Diskeeper 2011 NFR giveaway winners

Random list of names for NFR Diskeeper Giveaway


These are the five winners of a NFR Diskeeper giveway offer thanks to Derek at Diskeeper whom they will be hearing from shortly.

The question asked to enter was how many licences have been sold which could be read on the Diskeeper homepage, during the course of the offer the amount changed from 39 to 40 millon not bad going.

I used to generate a random list, as you can see here on the left. Thanks to all who entered, for those that won please let me know how you get along with your NFR giveway copy of Diskeeper by commenting here.


Transfer your domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap and help an elephant

Regardless of the subject matter, this is a lesson if you are in busines on how NOT to go about social media. Plus I heartily recommend no one use GoDaddy to begin with given their track record as a domain host and the feedback I have had.
I have used namecheap for years and its the best service I have had anywhere for anything at any time, and throughly recommend
As a namecheap member I got the below newsletter and decided to share it with my readers. If you are like minded its an excellent cost effective way of moving domain hosts right now, plus you do some good. The best bit is you get from under the practices of GoDaddy.
“It’s not often that we would disagree publicly with a competitor, but we at Namecheap are very disturbed by this video of a competitor killing an elephant for sport.  Check out the ABC News Report (Warning: Very Graphic!)

We’ve decided to throw our support behind our Elephant friends by offering domain transfers at a price where we actually lose money.

Show your protest by saying BYEBYEGD again and transfer your domains to Namecheap for $4.99 for the next 24 hours through 11:59pm EST on 3/31/11 (limit 10 per user, valid for all com/net/org domains).

On top of that, we’ll donate $1 for each transfer to Save The Elephants at

Use coupon code BYEBYEGD and let’s help the Elephants together!”

….Team Namecheap

Diskeeper 2011 NFR Giveaway

Diskeeper 2011 software

Diskeeper 2011

If you thought Diskeeper 2010 with Intellwrite was faster and smoother than the previous version, then you need to check out Diskeeper 2011.

With revolutionary InvisiTasking technology, Diskeeper 2011 works automatically in the background, with no negative performance impact. Automatic defragmentation improves computer performance without slowing other operations, and is recommended to maintain peak performance.

How do you obtain a Diskeeper 2011 NFR giveaway?

I have 3-5 copies of the latest version (NFR) available before it is generally available, do you want one? If so this is what you have to do.


I recently had to reinstall my OS and was working with Diskeeper 2009, I had not got around to installing the latest version at the time. However upon reinstalling the OS I had to put Diskeeper back and I put the 2010 version on and boy it was MUCH faster. Then Derek gave me the heads up about this lastest 2011 version and gave me a copy to try out. I can safely leave it running all the time now and things are running quite a bit smoother.


Expression Crash Tricks

When Expression Web or SharePoint Designer 2007 crashes there are a few simple things you can do to mitigate the event:

Preventive crash applications

First of all download the free applications for your versions of Expression Web or Sharepoint Designer 2007
These drastically reduces crashes.
Open the version of fpcleaner for the version of Ew or SPD07 you are using. Do not open ew from your icons/start menu etc etc,  this way you know EW is ‘clean’ to start off. Then I click both
‘Clear the Hidden “Temporary” Files’
‘Clear the Hidden Cache (*.web) Files’
Each time,  so I recommend  using these, and any time you have a crash even if ew (or sharepoint designer 2007) then goes from a ‘whiteout’ and appears stable again or reopens, close it down and open with the fpcleaner for your version.

Tips and Tricks for Expression Web crashes

Another point to note, sometimes but not always if I take away the ‘focus’ from the application by clicking on another open application or even opening one , and wait a minute. Sometimes it will steady so that I don’t lose the work I was working on. Another trick is to do Control Alt Delete – start Task Manager which opens the Windows Task Manager .. sometimes that ‘steady’s’ ew/spd07 as well but not always.
If you have a crash aversion tips let me know